Monday, April 20, 2015

The best time of the year has arrived: The Plush Team Secret Swap!

Hello everyone!

Leeanna of Plush Goodness here. I just wanted to pop in and share with you the fabulous piece of fiber awesomeness that I received for the PT Swap this year, from the talented fingers of the lovely ChristinaWardCreatures! I was so excited to open the (heavy!) box from Christina, not knowing what was inside that could possibly make it weigh so much…

With much anticipation I eagerly opened up the box and found these goodies inside:

Mystery Solved! Christina sent me some handcrafted Wisconsin chocolate (the bear is SOLID chocolate!), some "donut friend" coffee, and THE MOST AWESOME hand-sewn and quilted wool "street map" mat for our scruffy dog Waffle to lay on. She will definitely feel like she owns the streets of our neighborhood as she lays on this, that's for sure.

Here are some photos of Waffle enjoying her new mat, and thanks again to Christina for making something so fantastic! We all love it! YAY PT Swap! :D

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