It’s always been a worry that our environment is getting damaged year after year. From the usage of natural resources, we create many products including food, clothes, things used for building our own houses and many more. We cannot deny the fact that it is us, people, who ruin nature. The abnormal and abusive usage of these resources is the reason why we also experience global warming and even natural calamities.

Because of such things, even the smallest efforts in preserving and protecting the environment can still be useful. That is why our team started this organization with the goal to help the environment and create products that won’t harm the nature. It took us years to make these things perfect and we finally were able to share it to everyone by 2007.

With 10 years of hard work and dedication, Plush Team was able to create a successful business that is eco-friendly yet fun and enjoyable at the same time. We made plush and stuffed toys that have minimal to zero impacts on the environment. We thought this business was perfect both for Mother Nature and for people as well. Our team managed to make these toys as safe as we can for the kids that will play with the toys we made.

It’s created as if it’s like the regular stuffed toys but the difference is, we create a better products for it was made for a good cause, it’s much cheaper and safer than other products that are branded and high quality.

For years, people managed to love our creations and we are more than honored and grateful for their help. Part of the profits we receive go to donations for preserving nature while the other half goes to the effort of creating more of this eco friendly plush toys.