How can I purchase from your online store?

You can buy from us online by just simply checking our store section. We have great deals of various plush and stuffed toys you can choose from but if you want to request for a personalized design, you can contact us regarding that. If you have chosen what you want to buy, click the ‘purchase’ button and the process after that will be easy.

Can I visit your stores and branch personally? If yes, where can I find your place?

You can definitely check our stores personally though we only started to build our physical stores just this year because we started as an online store. Just check our locations in this website or contact us by sending an email. We will always be happy to point out our store locations.

Why did you choose to create eco-friendly plush toys as business?

First of all, we chose this business because we have been worring that our environment is slowly getting damaged as time passes by. Since our organization is a group of people who cares for our nature, we thought of a way to help and preserve our natural resources and create an eco-friendly product to build our organization more. It’s also a way to let other people know that we have to start caring more for our nature.

Do you have any other nature friendly products other than stuffed toys?

Unfortunately, none. But we are thinking of creating more products besides these plush toys and expand our business. Our team is currently thinking of water bottles, or tumblers as our next products to be made. Though we still haven’t decided about it yet, we want to pursue it and think that it will be a great idea.